- The first goal is to deliver convenient and effective pay-as-you-go Wifi services accessible to 95% of the cities residents and strive to be the leading distributor of pay-as-you-go Wifi services in the country.


    - To provide a centralised CCTV and alarm protocol network as a turnkey addition to existing security providers, law enforcement, local councils and traffic authorities.


    - To provide data networking for multisite organisations, allowing organisations to cost effectively provide connectivity to their staff with voice and internet as well as access to documents while or the road.


    CITY WIFI ZAMBIA is the enterprise connectivity provider arm that specialises in mission critical data and internet connectivity.

    Our network interfaces with automated sensors (i.e. Agriculture tech, environmental sensors, smart sensors, smart utility meters, etc) as well as encrypted data such as ATM and cloud data. The functionality is endless; if there is data that needs transport and cabled infrastructure is unsuitable, we can transport it quickly and securely!


    Plexus wifi provides solar powered, city wide, pay as you go wifi for residents in rural and metropolitan areas of developing regions.


    The purpose is to bridge the last mile gap found in many developing nations around the world.

    No matter how uncabled and under developed an area is, we can connect it!


    Check out Plexus Wifi Zambia - www.plexuswifi.co.za

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